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  • Matthew Denny, MD

Spring is in the Air (Literally)

The days are getting longer, the trees are blooming, and it's a wonderful time to live in the Bay Area... unless you have allergies! As our social lives have moved outdoors, many people are finding that their eyes are becoming itchy and red, their noses are runny, and wearing contact lenses is becoming a lot more uncomfortable.

Pollen is in the air, and thankfully there are effective over-the-counter treatments available. One of our favorites is Pataday, a once daily antihistamine drop that can greatly reduce eye allergy symptoms when used regularly during allergy season. Frequent artificial tears can also be used to irrigate the surface of the eye and remove irritants before they can trigger a reaction. More severe cases of allergic conjunctivitis may require prescription medications.

Allergy symptoms can be much more severe in contact lens users. Some patients benefit from using re-wetting drops, while others may need to cut down on the number of hours they spend in contacts throughout the day. In severe cases, contact lenses may need to be discontinued completely. These patients may be candidates for laser vision correction, an outpatient procedure that corrects the prescription without the use of glasses or contact lenses. Call to learn more, or schedule an evaluation to determine whether you are a good candidate for laser vision correction.

Denny Eye & Laser Center Welcomes Ryan Ngo, OD

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Ryan Ngo to the team! Dr. Ngo is a Bay Area native specializing in comprehensive eye care and personalized contact lens fitting. He enjoys cooking, urban and cultural exploration, and traveling.

Dr. Ngo is accepting new patients for eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses. Schedule an appointment to meet out newest team member!

Saturday Office Hours with Joy Ohara, OD

Many of our patients are essential workers who haven't been able to come to the office during normal business hours. Dr. Joy Ohara will be offering several clinics on Saturdays to accommodate their schedules. Optical services will also be available.

Let us know when you schedule your appointment whether you would prefer a Saturday appointment!

Online Store is Open for Business

Save a trip to the office for your over-the-counter eye care needs by shopping in our online store! You can find artificial tears, eyelid scrubs, vitamins, and more. You can even order by subscription to ensure you never run out of supplies.


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